Series of 1882 $5 Brown Back – Group 10 – Circus Poster-2

Series of 1882 $5 Brown Back – Group 10 – Circus Poster-2

Group 10 – Circus Poster-2

Circus poster-2 layouts were used during the first third of 1894. This variant is distinguished from the other circus posters by having a simplified payment clause that has wording unique to this variety and group 15. “Will pay FIVE DOLLARS to Bearer” appears in a horizontal line, with a curved “on demand” centered below. The will pay clause has the same wording as on the $10s.

The National Bank banner was preserved, being the most distinctive feature on the circus poster layouts, but with an added candlestick-like embellishment to its right. The word “of” was removed from the cap above the tombstone, and the cap was filled with uniform vertical lines. The “of” appears within a sheaf of wheat to the left, and is easier to read than on CP1. The FIVE DOLLARS is the same as used on groups 6 and 7.

The simplicity of the will pay clause causes some to call the CP2 the poor man’s circus poster.

Circus poster-2 is known from Charlotte, North Carolina (2135), Martinsburg, West Virginia (2144), Fitchburg, Massachusetts (2153), and Belleville, Kansas (3779).