Series of 1882 $5 Brown Back – Group 15 – Elegant National Bank of

Series of 1882 $5 Brown Back – Group 15 – Elegant National Bank of

Group 15 – Elegant National Bank of

The distinguishing feature of this group is the font used to engrave NATIONAL BANK OF.  Some of the letters have a distinctive rounding, and the spiked cross member in the A is also definitive.  Although the letters come in different widths, they are uniform in height.  These plates appeared in the mid-1890s, probably beginning in 1895.  These notes use the generic payment clause and FIVE DOLLARS in either the same letters as on group 3 or narrower letters with a diagonal crossbar in the A as on group 16.

Title layouts with this NATIONAL BANK OF were also used on some higher denomination Series of 1882 notes, and some Series of 1902 notes.  The NATIONAL was lifted for use in other $5 layouts as well.