Series of 1882 $5 Brown Back – Group 2 – Recycled Original Series Layout

Series of 1882 $5 Brown Back – Group 2 – Recycled Original Series Layout

Group 2 – Recycled Original Series Layouts

Beginning around April 1885, and through the rest of the year, most extending banks received $5 series of 1882 layouts that were identical to those of their Original Series notes, with the slight exception that the font used for the word “The” in the bank title was often changed.  Reuse of the dies and rolls from the earlier series appears to have been in part driven by external criticism over the use of patent lettering machines fomented by the bank note companies, and possibly the crush of extensions during that period.

The distinguishing feature of group 2 notes is that the title blocks are virtually identical to those found on the Original Series and Series of 1875 issued from the bank, complete own to the will pay line.

Recycling of Original Series rolls occurred again in 1887-8 and 1890-5.  The affected plates also used the Original Series will pay line.  Those of 1887-8 vintage represent delayed orders for the $5 combination from banks that were extended in 1885.  The 1890-5 vintage plated were made for both new and extending banks.  On these, recyclable parts from Original Series layouts, rather than the whole, were used to build the title blocks.