Series of 1882 $5 Brown Back – Group 4 – Circus Poster 1

Series of 1882 $5 Brown Back – Group 4 – Circus Poster 1

Group 4 – Circus Poster 1

The first circus posters appeared in December 1886, and were used sporadically through mid-1888.  A number of the circus poster1 plates made in and after 1887 replaced inartistic group 1 plates.  CP1 was used on the plates for 46 banks.

The defining characteristic of all circus poster layouts is the sweeping banner containing the words National Bank above the tombstone.  Features specific to Circus Poster 1 layouts are the elegant tombstone containing the town, the cap above containing “of” along with distinctive internal decorations, and, most importantly, the will pay line with “Will Pay/the Bearer/on Demand” in three evenly stacked downward bowed lines to the left of the ornate rendering of “Five Dollars.”