Series of 1882 $5 Brown Back – Group 5 – Princess Leia

Series of 1882 $5 Brown Back – Group 5 – Princess Leia

Group 5 – Princess Leia

This group derives its name from the spectacular embellishments on the end of the tombstone that resemble Princess Leia’s coiled hair in Star Wars.  The wording, WILL PAY TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND, is unique to this layout for the 1882 series $5s.  The Princess Leia appeared on the plates for four banks between December 1886 and January 1887.  All have the Bureau imprint in the upper right corner, in-out plate letters, and white charter numbers.  In line signatures were adopted as the standard during the period when plates in this group were made, so all have them.

The Princess Leia was used on Dodge City, Kansas (3596), Phillipsburg, Kansas (3601), Cincinnati, Ohio (3606), and Sheffield, Alabama (3617).