1902 Blue Seal National Bank Notes

1902 Blue Seal National Bank Notes

1902 blue seal national bank notes are by far the most commonly encountered large size national bank notes.  1902 blue seals were first printed at the end of 1908 and were issued until 1929 when the small size national currency era began.
1902 blue seal national bank notes have all kinds of different values.  All states issued blue seals.  A quick tip to get a ball park idea of value is to look at the charter number of the bank.  If it has a low charter number (less than 5,000) it is likely common; if the charter number is higher than 10,000 there is a decent chance the note could be rarer.  These are just guidelines and hardly a rule.  It was not uncommon for 10,000 charter number banks to only issue a handful of notes before giving up the privilege.
We are serious buyers of 1902 blue seal national bank notes.  Most 1902 blue seal national bank notes are worth less than $400; however, there are many notable exceptions.  Let us know what you have: info@rarenationalcurrency.com