The First National Bank of Coin, Iowa

The First National Bank of Coin, Iowa

The First National Bank of Coin, Iowa has one of the best town names in all of the country.  Every former coin collector turned bank note collector has Coin, IA at the top of his list of desired banks, even if he can’t find or afford a note.

Statistically the First National Bank of Coin is not a traditional rarity.  There are at least two 1902 blue seals known from the bank and at least two 1929 small size notes known from the bank.  The number of notes printed suggests that more notes will be found.  However, this limited supply really doesn’t meet the current demand for notes.  Charter 7309 is a great charter and will remain that way for a long time.

The First National Bank of Coin was opened in 1904 by Thomas Henderson Read as president and John Frederick Schick as cashier.  TH Read and JF Schick were both at the bank until the 1920s.  The bank closed in 1931 due to the local depression.  This early closure limited the bank’s 1929 issue to just 1,092 notes, making them about 14 times rarer than 1902 notes.  However, large size notes will almost always command a premium over small size notes.

If you have any currency from The First National Bank of Coin, please tell us about it.  We are certainly interested parties, and you will likely be very pleased with our appraisal.

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