National Currency Values

National Currency Values

National Currency Values can be as much as tens of thousands of dollars all the way down to a few dollars over face value. We are specifically looking to buy notes worth at least a few hundred dollars. We have put together a guide for rarer states. National currency values from the states to the right should be more valuable than from states like Pennsylvania or Ohio. A lot of the times values for national currency are determined by the person who needs it. Most people collect by type or state. So if a state issued very few notes or only a handful of a single type of notes, then those should be more valuable because they are less common. It is impossible to display all the variables for national currency that determine value or what makes a note rare. However, here are a couple of loose guidelines to tell if your note is likely not rare:


If the Bank’s Serial Number is Higher than 15,000

Notes were printed on sheets of four.  You can multiply the bank’s serial number by 4 to find out the minimum number of notes printed for a series.  Once that number gets higher than about 60,000 or so, the note really doesn’t have much chance to be rare.  This rule does not work in reverse.  If the bank’s serial number is low it does not automatically become rare.

If the Bank Has a Low Charter Number on a Late Issue
The bank’s charter number is determined by when it was chartered. If a bank has a low charter number then it was opened during the early portion of the national banking era. If the bank was still issuing notes on into the 1900s then it is likely that notes are quite available and less valuable.
If the Bank was in a Large City on the East Coast or Mid West
Currency from cities like, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, and even Kansas City are generally going to not have much value.  The banks in those cities were typically huge and issued hundreds of thousands of notes.  Sometimes the more obscure the town is, the more valuable the notes it issued will be. 


Detailed Guide For Selected States:

Porto Rico