Old Money Corp – Designing Jewelry With Old Coins


I thought I would take a few minutes and introduce some of the married collectors out there to a really cool numismatic item I happened up on a few months ago.  I was at an arts and crafts fair near my home and saw a vendor who is turning old collectible coins into jewelry.  Before anyone freaks out about coins being destroyed, don’t worry, they are being put to a good use.  Betsy Gresham Eager is the owner of Old Money Corp and the creations she is coming up with are worthy of mention.  The readers who see me at shows know that I am probably not the most fashion forward person, but these things are cool and are certainly a two bird type of thing.

First, we are all contractually obligated to buy our wife a gift for Valentine’s day.  Secondly, we would all probably rather spend the money on coins or currency.  What if I told you could buy a coin, give it to your wife as a present, and not receive divorce papers within the day?  Well I think that is what we are looking at here.  The best part is that Betsy’s jewelry is really reasonably priced, so you could afford flowers and a night out to go along with it.  And you might just make yourself look more cultured and up to date on fashion than you really are.  Everyone wins.

I have included a few pictures below of just some of the really cool coin jewelry she has available.  You can see her full inventory on her site at Old Money Corp.

I personally really like the above ring. ($55)

I don’t think you can go wrong with these earrings.  ($45)