The Rawlins National Bank, Wyoming

The Rawlins National Bank, Wyoming

The Rawlins National Bank opened in Wyoming in 1900.  It was one of two banks in Rawlins to nationalize.  The Rawlins National Bank is probably the least interesting bank on this select list of Wyoming banks.  The Rawlins National Bank survived the great depression.  Its charter number is 5413.

1929 small size national bank notes from The Rawlins National Bank are readily available.  Even 1882 and 1902 series notes are affordable.  However, there is a serial number one 1881 brown back from The Rawlins National Bank in existence.  That is certainly the most important note from this otherwise mundane issuer.

The first president of The Rawlins National Bank was Isaac Carson Miller.  The first cashier was James A Rendle.

If you have any currency from The Rawlins National Bank, please tell us about it.  We are certainly interested parties, and you will likely be very pleased with our appraisal.

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