Serial Number One 1902 Blue Seal National Bank Notes

Serial Number One 1902 Blue Seal National Bank Notes

Serial number one blue seal national bank notes are the most commonly available of all serial number one large size national bank notes.  This is simply because 1902 blue seals were issued as a type by more banks than any other kind of currency.

Serial number one notes can be as generic as something circulated from New York City to something as exotic as the only survivor from a tiny Southern town, and everything in between.

Pricing serial number one 1902 blue seals can be tricky.  Something totally generic with issues might only sell for around $1,000.  However, slightly rarer notes with good condition should bring around $2,000 to $3,500.  There are plenty of 1902 serial number one blue seals that can sell for much more.  If you can combine rarity, grade, and a serial number one, then something like $6,000 and more can be in play.

All things considered, expect these as averages:

Common state (PA, NY, OH, etc) – $2,000

Somewhat scarce state (ME, TX, MN, etc) – $3,000

Rare state (SC, LA, WY, ID, etc) – $6,000+

Ultra rare state (AZ, HI, AK, UT, etc) – $10,000++

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