Serial Number One 1929 Small Size National Bank Notes

Serial Number One 1929 Small Size National Bank Notes

1929 national bank notes can often be found with serial number one.  This is thanks to two reasons.  1) 1929 was the first year that national bank notes were printed in the current small size.  This required bankers to send in a facsimile of their signature.  I can only imagine how excited the president or cashier of the bank would have been to see their signatures printed on legal tender.  2) Colonel Green wrote to many banks and asked for their first sheet of currency.  He was very successful in this collecting endeavor.  Some of the great serial number one 1929 sheets and notes have survived thanks to Colonel Green.

Serial number one 1929 national bank notes are also plentiful because they were initially printed on sheets of six. Furthermore, there was no mixing and matching of denominations per sheet.  Each denomination got its own sheet of six. So if the bank printed fives, tens, and twenties, a total of eighteen serial number one notes could have been saved.  The first sheet of currency would have serial numbers A000001A, B000001A, C000001A, D000001A, E000001A, and F000001A. Later on around 1933 this was changed and banks were reissued sheets.  These sheets also started at serial number one. However, the first sheet would have A000001, A000002, A000003, etc.  You can see that there was no suffix letter, no repeating numbers, and all the serial numbers started with the letter A.

Pricing 1929 number one notes can be tricky for some banks, but it is usually straight forward.  Common serial number one 1929 notes bring around $800.  Rarer banks tend to sell for around $1,500.  If the 1929 serial number one note is from an especially rare bank, then something over two thousand will be in play.

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