The First National Bank of Hawaii at Honolulu

The First National Bank of Hawaii at Honolulu



Charter: 5550

Year Opened: 1900

The First National Bank of Hawaii, as the title suggests, was the first national bank to open on any island of Hawaii. All of the notes it issued classify as territorial notes - which most people consider to be the most desirable catagory of national currency. The First National Bank of Hawaii at Honolulu is the only national bank that was on Oahu.

In 1929 the name of the bank changed to The Bishop First National Bank and in 1933 changed to The Bishop National Bank of Hawaii. All 1929 small size notes will feature either the second or third title. And all 1929 notes are quite available and worth a few hundred dollars each.

The First National Bank of Hawaii was so big that it issued over three million dollars worth of national bank notes. The next largest issuer in Hawaii had less than one hundred thousand dollars worth of currency enter circulation. Due to this extreme amount of money, bank notes from Honolulu are anything but rare. Even the earliest issues, 1882 brown backs, can be bought for a few thousand dollars fairly easily.

The most valuable of Honolulu's notes would be the higher denomination notes, $50 and $100 dollar bills. Despite Honolulu having several hundred notes known, we are still interested in purchasing them. They are always popular and are still the most valuable of any common bank in the county.

First National Bank
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1882 Brown Back
1882 Value Back
1882 Date Back


1902 Blue Seal
1929 Small Size

Rarity based on state
10 being rarest

Most currency from
Hawaii can be rare.
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