The Nixon National Bank of Reno, Nevada

The Nixon National Bank of Reno, Nevada - Reno National Bank


Charter: 8424

Year Opened: 1906

The Nixon National Bank was one of three national banks to ever stake their claim in Reno. However, The Nixon National Bank was less about the bank itself and more about the men who were always so closely associated with it.

The Nixon National Bank was in business from 1906 to 1932, during that time it only had two different presidents. The bank’s namesake George S Nixon was president until his death in 1912, after that the almost as equally well-known George Wingfield took over. The bank itself was huge. Over the course of its existence The Nixon National Bank issued over $10,000,000 worth of national banknotes. Sadly, its same over powering size is also the reason it failed. At the onset of the great depression, land, metal, and livestock values plummeted. With George Wingfield at the helm, the bank had made tremendous bets on the close friends of Wingfield and their ranches. When the time came to cut the bank’s losses, Wingfield never could and the bank ultimately failed due to this.

George Stuart Nixon was a United States Senator at the time of his death. Both Nixon and Wingfield had extensive banking and mining interests. Both of their names are mentioned several times throughout this website because of their management or ownership in other national banks.

Fortunately for the collecting world The Nixon National Bank did leave lots of currency behind. Nixon has the most 1902 red seals known on the state and a 1902 blue seal or a 1929 small-size note is far from impossible to obtain.

First President: George S Nixon
First Cashier: F.M. Lee

Other people associated with the bank: George F. Turrittin, H.C. Brougher, P.L. Flanigan, A.G. Fletcher, Warren W. Williams, Henry Anderson, W. Brougher, John S. Cook, Peter Stampe Jensen and H.G. Humphrey, George Wingfield, R.C. Turrittin, H.H. Kennedy, P.L. Nelson


Nixon National Bank


















1902 Red Seal


1902 Blue Seal


1929 Small Size

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