Why Sell Us Your National Banknote


It’s simple, WE LOVE NATIONAL BANK NOTES! We understand the history and value in each note. We are fanatical about collecting and built this site specifically to have a chance to buy national bank notes. We provide many rarity guides for banks along with other helpful information throughout the site.

There is an extremely good chance that anything you sell us will get placed directly in one of our collections. We are not just a middleman between the public and collectors – we are the collectors! With that said we still run things like a business:

You Can Expect:
-Top Market Value Offers for All Notes
-Over Night Settlements
-Prompt Payment
-Easy and Confidential Transactions

What Will NOT Happen:
-Pricing Games – We make our best offer first
-Bounced Checks – we are ready to buy a high six figure deal at any moment
-Lack of Communication – we are always available
-You will never see the note you sold us for sale somewhere else marked up 400%

How To Sell:
Just send us an email, info@rarenationalcurrency.com, or give us a call and tell us what you have. From there we agree on a price and you get a check the next day. Upon receiving funds you ship the note to us. It really is that easy.